Science Saturday – The science adults ignore

I hope you are getting on well with the nutrition challenge and more importantly that you’re following along, not just agreeing that the information is good and that at some point you’ll put it in place. The worst thing to do would be to read it and think you’ll wait until it’s all released and then start following it…that would miss the whole point of the challenge. Small manageable steps add up and become habits!

Today we’re going to talk about the most ignored subject there is out there. It plays a huge roll in our bodies and as adults isn’t given the respect it deserves. Body composition (weight loss/gain), recovery and brain function are all directly affected by sleep.

Sleep 7 hours a night. That means lights out, no electronics.

The average person I talk to sleeps about 6 hours a night. Everyone says they don’t need any more, but if they take all the coffee and energy drinks out of their diet, they suddenly begin to sleep more.

  • Coffee ends up bringing you to normal levels, not as it should be an ergogenic aid.
  • Survival functions have a higher priority than luxury functions.
  • Gym training is not a survival function but a luxury.

Of all the steps we’re taking in nutrition, sleep is free and benefits that exceed the best supplements, workouts or meals.

Don’t be a hero and sacrifice your own sleep. If it means turning the TV off an hour early, just do it. If it means being more organised in the week to free up time, prioritise it. If your kid will wake you up through the night, go to bed even earlier.


Just 18 hours of sleep deprivation result in the same reduced performance as a person with a blood alcohol content of .05. If you pull an all-nighter, it’s equivalent to a BAC of .08 to .10. A fun fact, Navy SEAL style training involving sleep deprivation for longer than four days results in blood sugar and insulin levels which mimic those of a diabetic’s.

The first sleep goal is to sleep 7 hours a night. No distractions.

Good luck.



Technique Thursday – making the most of a bad day

If we have a bad day how do we deal with it? Throw a tantrum?! Be in a bad mood? How does this help?

Once the day is gone we can’t do anything to change it, it’s better to accept it for what it was and move on. That’s not to say pretend it didn’t happen, it can be useful to deconstruct the day and figure out how to prevent it happening again but we’ll leave that for another article. Now why am I covering this on the blog? Well there’s carry over here between home life and gym life.

A bad day either at work or home can impact our closest circle of contacts, be they friends or family, house mates or gym buddies. It can be helpful to use them as a sound board but NOT as a bin. A bad attitude is infectious.

So how do we actually go about this?

Take a breath. If we’re at the gym take is as an hour to get away from everything that caused a rubbish day, we can’t change it now so don’t let it spoil or taint our sweet workout. As we walk into the gym that means leaving all the baggage outside along with our ego. Knowing this, we may decide to back off the intensity a bit, lift at 75% instead of 80%, holding a little back. It’s better to do less today so we can do more tomorrow, make sure and let your coach know what’s going on so they don’t scold you for not committing! If we’re driving it’s the same principle and as simple as understanding our road rage impacts all the other users of the road and it’s their lives we endanger, for the extra 2mins time we’d save by racing home, take a breath and drive safe.


Let me know in the comments if there’s times you struggle with this? Banging pots and pans? Shouting at the kids? Being grumpy with the coach? I know I struggle if there’s been a difficult class or private session it’s hard to become reenergised for the next hour. Each class is it’s own beast and it’s hard to appreciate that sometimes but I try my best to not let what’s going on with me affect it. My biggest weakness is frustration mixed with hunger :O



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