Science Saturday


Here’s a great article on bones and why they’re important and how they’re like glands!

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Fun Fact Friday

Workouts don’t make you stronger. Workouts make you weaker, because they injure your muscles. Recovery from workouts makes you stronger.

Everyone has to find their workout balance. Some people thrive off 3 sessions a week, others off 6 sessions a week. If you currently train 5 times a week have you ever tried less? Or more? If you don’t record and experiment with your training how will you know what’s best for yourself?

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Technique Thursday – How to achieve your goals, putting money on the line…

There are many different roads to success. The methods I share with you are in general widely used to get the best LONG TERM results. I have a firm belief that 3 month changes are no good if they send you back to your old habits or put you in a place worse than you were before. In general I’ve tried everything I recommend to people, if I haven’t done it myself I’ll make it very clear to you. Today is that case.

I can’t help some people, it frustrates me beyond comprehension that I can’t show them how to consistently get long term success but one of my roles as a coach is to be able to point you in the right direction if I can’t personally help you. Here it is. is a website designed to hold you accountable. The hardest part of making successful change is holding yourself to a high enough standard that you don’t cheat yourself. Let’s use a real world example. You want to go to they gym 3 days a week but find it hard so you set a goal to go 3 days a week for 6 months. This website allows you to place money on the line, fail to reach your goal and the money goes to charity. A fun twist is that you can use a charity you oppose to send your money to for extra incentive. An example here is say you support the right for abortion, your money might go towards an anti abortion charity. INCENTIVE. The other thing this website does that’s cool is they can hook you up with a referee to hold you accountable and you can also add the support of a group of friends so you and your buddies can sign up together and help each other out.

Like I said earlier, I have not tried this method, mostly because I don’t agree with blackmail or betting, but different horses for different courses.

Equally you could just organise a group of folks together and run this yourself, it’s really not hard to do but requires everyone taking part to believe in the method and be truthful.

I’m curious to hear more about this, anyone fancy using it? I’d love to hear more.