Motivation Monday – Stoicism

‘Mental toughness. The ability to tolerate discomfort for a higher purpose.’

You’ve probably heard before how important the mind is to what you do. If you go in to an activity with a positive attitude rather than a negative one how different is the outcome? One of the most common phrases I hear on a daily basis is ‘No, I can’t do that’. With enough cajoling and peer pressure people usually come around and try it but imagine how different life would be if that phrase turned into ‘Sure, I’ll give it a go’. ‘For most of us, that voice calling for us to quit is always there. CrossFit is all about silencing that voice.’

How much harder does a task feel if you don’t want to do it compared to something you enjoy doing? Changing out enjoyment might not be possible and there are only so many things we can turn into a game, however changing our mindset is possible. We can’t control the fact that a task needs done so if we just knuckle down and do it, it’ll get done sooner. The same process applies with training, the science behind getting fit/losing weight/getting stronger is not hard, but it might not always be enjoyable (we try to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible). ‘Perseverance through workouts that include exercises we don’t like, and excelling at hated exercises lends itself to greatness’

‘If we train long enough, we have to deal with injury, sickness, external time pressures, and countless other obstacles.’ Check out the links to a free article from the CrossFit Journal to find out more about the stoic mindset and how you can implement it into your training.

Motivation Monday – Stoicism

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