Motivation Monday – mental preparation

Here’s a great article on mindset during training, employing some of these tactics can help overcome all the doubts we go through during a workout.

Part of the beauty of the CrossFit Program is that each day is different and this can help to keep your mind fresh as well as your body. Part of our reason to not give out the workouts at the start of the day is to help develop your ability to adapt to unknown situations. Theres no point being anxious coming into the gym, it’s almost guaranteed there will be some movement that causes some level of stress, wether that’s in the warm up, the workout or in fact the cool down. Rather than worrying about the workout a general acceptance that what will be will be can go a long way. It will free up some grey matter for thoughts that you can control; how can I better fuel myself to train tonight, how can I organise my evening to get to bed 30mins earlier or could I work on some mobility or skills before/after class.

Motivation Monday – mental preparation

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