Science Saturday – The Keystone of success

Why aren’t you getting the results you want? Trying to put on size and just staying the same? Trying to get more lean (tone up…ugh what a terrible phrase) and just not able to shift the body fat?

Well lets go back to basics, using the Triangle of life (below) the most important part of everything we do is NUTRITION, this is our foundation, our starting place. It’s the bit that’s most often ignored and joked about but it 100% is the life changer. Nutrition is not just what food you put in your mouth, but your hydration and sleep too.

Too many times each week I get asked ‘How can I get stronger?’, ‘How can I lose weight’ ‘What extra training do I need to do to get better?’ and in reality all of those can be helped with better nutrition but when that is suggested I’m met with eye rolls, ‘no but seriously’ or ‘I know that but there must be something else’.

Want to find out more and have someone hold you accountable for this? Get in touch with our coaches and we’ll get you set up.



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