Tasty Tuesday

How do I get a beach body?

You have one…we all do. It just might not look how we picture it or wish it did. Part of this is to do with our unrealistic expectations in part caused by social media. The other part is to do with how easily accessible bad food choices are. Does eating junk food actually make us feel good? In the moment maybe yes, but straight after, regret, bloating, sluggishness and other negative feelings often come along.

Lets look at this a different way, I want to look like a stud naked. What would someone who looks like that do?
– Have good sleep health, not just enough sleep but good quality sleep
– Have good nutritional health, healthy balanced meals. Not low carb low fat highly flavoured fitness food, but real vegetables, real unprocessed meat and healthy fats especially eating enough of those!
– Have good hydration, ensuring the body is hydrated not by coffee and tea (nothing wrong with those) but hydrated by water, real water.

Now that I’ve got 80% of the hard work covered now I can focus not just on loosing the body fat but on “toning up” despite this being a terrible phrase and used in the wrong context. What this actually means is loosing body fat and building muscle but for some reason I get frowned at when I talk about such things. Building muscle happens in the gym, I’m not talking HE-MAN levels of size because I’m not going to take anabolics to look like that and I don’t expect you to either. You can however maximise your shape and look ATHLETIC by training functional movements (compound/all body) at high intensity (full effort) and by varying the form those take.

Notice the majority of the work is not done in the kitchen. In fact if we factor in the time to complete the other tasks, 7/8 hours sleeping (I’m not kidding), 1.5 hours to include making and eating meals (this may be more for some) and lets take 15 mins (it’d be interesting to use a stopwatch overtime you pause to go hydrate) to make sure we’re hydrated. Theres almost in the region of 10 Hours of your day taken up with ‘good choices’. Going to the gym is easy and only lasts 1 hour so that takes us to 11ish hours. All in that’s not even half of your day.

Going back to the question what would someone who looks like that do? They’d spend just under half their life making good choices which result in them looking like that. The benefits however are far greater than ‘looking better naked’, less time spent at the doctor, increased energy, more positive mood, happier relationships, more productive…etc.



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