Member Spotlight – May

May 2017 Member Spotlight
Carolyn Carmichael is a joy in every class she’s in, wether that be 6am or 5pm. Enthusiastic about life and always there to say hi and cheer you on people love having her in class. This positivity carries over to her training too and she has seen personal bests in her squats and deadlifts in the past few weeks.
An easy question to start off, what do you do?

I am Operations Director for The McBurney Transport Group. 

Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

On the recommendation of close friends & family who joined first. We used to train together with a gym based personal trainer so it was a natural progression that I followed them to Crossfit!  They told me that it was something completely different and they knew that I would enjoy it.

How is your training now compared to before?

My training is completely different now. I started with the 3 day membership because that’s what I was used to but after a few months I progressed to the unlimited membership. I realised that I would get much more out of my training by committing to Crossfit 5 days per week both in terms of technique and fitness. I really enjoy the diversity of training that Crossfit offers and the constant challenges. It is also great to have the opportunity to train at 6am every weekday. It means I can fit in my workout without it affecting my home & work life. It really sets me up for the day 😀

What’s been the hardest part about training for you?

Mastering the disciplines & techniques. There are no “half measures” with Crossfit which is great in terms of ensuring correct form but can be frustrating sometimes. 

Is there one big thing you’d like to achieve in the next year?

Upper body mobility ! This may sound boring but it is the key to speeding up my progression with a lot of overhead movements.

Favourite and least favourite exercises?

My absolute favourite is anything that involves squatting. I have increased in confidence and improved my technique over the last few months which has enabled me to keep adding on weight for both front & back squats. For cardio, give me air squats any day !

My least favourite would be burpees because, thanks to my low blood pressure, I see stars ✨. Also, anything that involves hanging on the rig !

Anything else you wish to add?

I really enjoy being part of the Crossfit Ballymena community. It is a lovely friendly place in which to train and one where everyone is made to feel very welcome. I really like the way that the training is personalised and scaled to my own ability but I still get the opportunity to train in a group environment. Keep up the good work JP, Andrew & Matty 😀



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