Science Saturday – lets talk about poop baby

I assume at this stage most people have heard about pooping in a squat rather than sitting but then again I assume everyone knows how to belly breathe and sing in tune. While my ASSumptions may be way off my consistency of doing everyday things differently to what’s socially acceptable continues .

Back before we had toilets you would dig a hole, squat over it and release your load. Now (in the west) we sit on a toilet. Let’s look at how affects our experience.

So the science of our bodies would suggest a squatting position puts less strain on our anal canal which can only be a good thing. I’ve seen people claim a link between rectal cancer and sitting, haemorrhoids, constipation etc. Now I don’t know about that and if you read this Article it would suggest that’s over exaggerated all I can go off is my own experience and how it feels. I love my stool (pun unintentionally intended), at home I have a stool close to the toilet that I can pull up and squat on. I will be getting one for work soon as the difference in sensation is driving me mad!

Btw I laughed when I saw these suggested links in the linked article above, I didn’t want anyone to miss out on them;

-how to stop your butt burning after eating spicy foods 

-how to get stronger stool

-can you die from pooping 


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