Technique Thursday – how to fix a simple mistake

So today I had planned on writing about one thing but that will happen next week instead as something came to my attention this week.

Sometimes accidents happen, hey look we’re all human. I’ve dropped a knife, I’ve pulled out of a junction when I probably shouldn’t have, I’ve eaten a whole packet of cookies while only intending to only eat one. THE POINT IS, it’s ok to make mistakes so long as we learn from them, in fact sometimes it’s the best way to learn. How does this relate to the gym?

I don’t want to embarrass anyone by mentioning these incidents but use them as an example of how we can all make mistakes and it’s super easy to resolve or prevent them in future. If in doubt just say to a coach ‘eeeeeh, I think I made a booboo’, we’d always rather help and know about a problem rather than finding out later (same principles apply to sore joints!!). Here’s three examples from this week, none are training related but respect related;

1) BLOOD LEFT ON A BARBELL; hands tear, cuts open and blood spills. It’s not something we intend to happen but something that happens en route to us being badass (I disagree but lets boost the ego for now). Now we can either finish our workout and put the equipment away not telling anyone and go on our way leaving a nasty surprise for the next user, or we can tell a coach who will advise you on how to clean up the mess so we don’t get any complaints about it in the next class. No harm done just being thoughtful and responsible, if there was piss or poo on a toilet seat would you want to use the toilet?

2) CHALK BUCKET BROKEN; this was an unfortunate accident cause by a cramped gym and one I shouldn’t have allowed to happen. Against my better judgement I let two classes happen at once and as a result didn’t have the ability to fully concentrate on either. As a result a barbell was dropped on the chalk bucket which split up the side (we’ll ignore the improper bar de-loading technique for now). In this case a simple ‘hey look I broke the chalk bucket, sorry’, is all it takes, that way the coach knows if they need to get a new one or not or if the existing bucket was faulty and cracked just from everyday use.

3) WATER BOTTLE EXPLODED; A barbell dropped on a bottle and the bottle broke spilling water everywhere. It’s ok we mopped up the water and no harm was done, had this been amino’s or a protein shake the story would have been different, LOTS OF FLOOR STAINING AND SMELL. In this case simply having the bottle further away from the barbell would have solved the issue.



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