Technique Thursday – Froning does what?!

Just over a month ago I posted a blog about running technique. Since then I’ve been rewatching some CrossFit videos with my girlfriend (fittest on earth and road to the games) as she hadn’t seen them and came across this gem.

What we have is 4 time CrossFit games winner and 2 time affiliate cup winner (6 back to back years on the podium) Rich Froning who is famous for not enjoying running working his running technique…and how has he done that? Listening to his body and running barefoot. If it’s good enough for Rich I’d say it’s good enough for the average human being.

I taught myself to barefoot run a number of years ago and it revolutionised my running (took 6 months to work it up and I started with only 100m a day). Check out the link below to that blog post I mentioned, barefoot running benefits are mentioned in 1.34-1.45 of the video.

Technique Thursdays – runningIMG_1516.JPG



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