Spotlight Saturday – Squats, skincare and no fitness background?!

I thought it’d be interesting to hear more from our diverse range of members, there are so many great characters but also there are many different reasons for training at CrossFit Ballymena. One of my favourite examples to use for people is Danielle, she is the epitome of what consistent work on nutrition can achieve, Danielle is usually here once a week or so due to work shifts but the rest of her hard work is done in the kitchen. Unfortunately Danielle is camera shy so I do not have a direct ‘before/after photo’, so here is an almost current action photo along with one from a short while after joining the gym. Check out her story below.



I’m Danielle Kernohan, 29 years old from Ballymena and I’m a support worker.

Since leaving College my fitness level and interest in keeping fit was pretty non-existent. I played golf on and off throughout the years so walking around a course once or twice a week was the most I physically exerted myself.

I became a member of Crossfit Ballymena last July after being persuaded by my aunt to try the foundations class with her, so after years of telling her I’d join the gym I relented.

I’d never heard of Crossfit before so I googled it to see what the fuss was about. The amount of articles online criticising Crossfit seemed to outnumber the ones commending it which made me a little apprehensive. I then followed Crossfit Ballymena’s Facebook page and watched a few of the videos JP had put up and thought that actually looks quite fun (a word I don’t think I’ve used since to describe a WOD).

The foundations course made me realise how physically unfit I was but every exercise was scaled by the coaches to a level I could manage. At the start I could barely squat and had to sit on plates to get the technique right and now its one of my strongest movements.

From my first day in class everyone was welcoming and some even ran the last 200m with me long after they had finished their own workouts to encourage me to finish mine.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed is my body shape. I’ve lost over two stone from exercising, changing my diet and cutting out processed food. Another major change I’ve noticed is that my psoriasis has nearly completely cleared up, something which has plagued me since I was a teenager and nothing ever prescribed by my doctor has ever had the same effect.

I would urge anyone to come and try Crossfit, regardless of your fitness level as everything can be scaled to a level thats manageable. The coaches are so knowledgeable and supportive and the feeling you get after pushing yourself in a WOD is addictive.


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