Sleepy Saturday

There is nothing sleep doesn’t affect. Body composition (gain/lose), recovery and brain cognition are all directly affected by sleep.

Sleep 7 hours a night. That means lights out, no electronics.

The average person I talk to sleeps about 6 hours a night. Everyone tries to tell me they don’t need any more, but when I take all the coffee and Red Bulls out of their diet, they suddenly begin to sleep more.

  • Coffee to bring you to zero, not ergogenic aid.
  • Survival functions before luxury functions.
  • Handstands are not survival.

This is such an important step to maximize as it is free and has benefits that far exceed any supplement, workout or nutritious meal.


Just 18 hours of sleep deprivation result in the same reduced performance as a person with a blood alcohol content of .05. If you pull an all-nighter, it’s equivalent to a BAC of .08 to .10. If you go Navy SEAL style and are sleep deprived for longer than four days, your blood sugar and insulin levels mimic those of a diabetic’s.


Sleepy Saturday

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