Fun Fact Friday

Our workouts are suitable for all levels, each movement is scaled to the individual. They can be made easier or harder depending on who is taking part.

‘Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind’ – Greg Glassman

What exactly does that mean? Humans are capable of a few fundamental movement patterns, hinging, squatting, carrying, pulling and pushing. Also Twisting and resisting rotation. While olympic athletes need these movements optimised for performance (different sports will favour specific movement patterns which is partly why injuries and overuse issues creep in as the body becomes imbalanced) these are all daily movements for the average human being.

While most of these might not be a challenge for you now, picture your grandparents or a friends grandparents completing each of these tasks and then tell me they’re not fundamental movements.

Hinging-tieing a shoelace (no velcro or raised platform)
Squatting- going to the toilet (lowering with control without a raised seat or handle)
Carrying- lifting a small child
Pulling – moving furniture
Pushing- also moving furniture
Twisting- wiping your bum (no messy hands :O)
Resisting rotation- carrying a shopping bag on one side



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