Tasty Tuesday

As you may know from last week we’re trying something new with Tasty Tuesdays. Each week I’m going to set a simple challenge, there will be 19 challenges. The idea is that each week is cumulative, so challenge one is continued during all 19 weeks, challenge two for the remaining 18 etc. At the end of the course if you have stuck with it, been honest with yourself and put everything into practice, not only will you be in the shape of your life, you will have the tools in place to keep a sustainable nutrition lifestyle. A good idea for your own records is to take a picture in your underwear at the start of this and then take the EXACT SAME PICTURE (not under different lighting, differently positioned clothing or with a tan) at the end (if you want weekly updates you can take a picture on the same day each week).

Healthy FAT

Step 2 is to add a healthy fat to breakfast. This can be as simple as eating a handful of nuts on the way to work or making an omelet. We’re not going to worry about amounts just yet, first just focus on getting some in there (Saturday’s post will be detailed on this, you might also want to check back to our fats blog before incase you aren’t sure what good fats are).

At breakfast we’ve just woken up from a fast, 8-12 hours since we last ate. Since then your body had changed over from using food you ate to body fat for fuel. We’re going to try and extend this fat burning by consuming healthy fat at breakfast.

By focusing on a quality fat first thing in the day, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased fat burning, blood sugar management, and insulin sensitivity.



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