Fun Fact Friday

Bodies are lazy. Your body is happiest curled up on the sofa watching TV exerting as little energy as possible. The trouble is the body is also super efficient so if it doesn’t need something it’ll just get rid of it (within reason I mean it’s not going to make a leg fall off).

This means if we don’t challenge our body we lose function, if I used to be a high functioning university athlete but settled down, got married, had kids, worked a desk job and in general abused my body by not eating well, its going to change. When I decide to get back into shape I can’t just pick up and expect to carry on where I left off, your body just isn’t conditioned any more.

The muscles are the fastest thing to return to form, they can regenerate rapidly (90days), the trouble is your connective tissue (joints) are super slow to change (210 days) and they get left behind. This is why we have to be patient, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders can all be ‘replaced’ but they’ll never be as good as the ones you’re born with.

Its really scary but THE BODY STARTS TO LOSE FUNCTION AFTER 1-2 weeks. This is why it’s really important to be consistent in your effort and why we don’t want members to burn out! 1-2 weeks off turns into a month-6months- a year and then 10 years goes by.



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