Private Coaching

We are looking for 2 individuals who want to change their lives. We are offering 10, 1-1 private coaching sessions to focus on your goals and set you on the path for long term health. Check out what someone who’s been through the program already has to say about it below.

An initial consultation will allow us to see if the program is a good fit for you and which coach best suits you. The individual will be assigned a coach to take them through the 10 sessions helping monitor their training, nutrition and recovery.
Our coaches are highly trained but more importantly highly experienced. Coach Andrew’s specialty area is in weight training for olympic weightlifting and finding structural imbalances. Coach JP’s specialty area is in endurance training and creating high levels of fitness.
Who would benefit from this:
*Complete beginners looking to start getting fit
*Individuals with a specific target in mind i.e. take 2minutes off their 10km run
*improve olympic lifting and increase efficiency with a barbell
*individuals looking to transform their nutrition habits for long term health
This package is worth £300, we’re giving it to you for £250. Get in touch and get started!

“I have always liked the look of the olympic weightlifting moves and after watching the CrossFit games I thought I’d give it a go but didn’t know where to start. As a complete beginner Andrew has helped me understand the mechanics of the olympic weightlifting moves and has given me fantastic coaching to help perfect my technique. My shoulder mobility is poor and Andrew has focused my training on improving my range of motion to help me become a better lifter. Going to the box for some one to one coaching is the best hour of my day and I’d recommend Andrew to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their fitness. I have enjoyed the experience so much I have joined the Ballymena CrossFit box”. – Anthony Ward

Private Coaching

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