Tasty Tuesday – Lunchtime Veg

By now we should have a decent idea of how Tasty Tuesday’s are going to roll. Each week for 19 weeks there is a cumulative challenge. The idea is that at no point should you think ‘I can’t do that’ because each step in itself is super simple and shouldn’t impact too much on your routine but all of them added together will create an incredibly simple and sustainable lifestyle that fuels you in a truly efficient and healthy manner. Every Saturday there is a paired article putting more emphasis on the science behind our method. Long term success comes down to two things; manageable steps which are easy to create habits and then the most important part is understanding of why those steps are there.

We are now in week three so each day here is what we will do.

Step 1: 1L of water per day.
Step 2: Adding a healthy fat to breakfast.
Step 3: Eat a vegetable with dinner.
Step 4: Eat a vegetable with lunch.

Here we have our second addition of vegetables, dinner started with cooked vegetables and now we’re going to incorporate raw veg into our lunchtime.

Raw vegetables are going to add a number of benefits despite them being tougher to digest since their fibre is intact. Some nutrients paired with fibre become stinted in the cooking process (Vitamin B and C), by maintaining both raw and cooked (at dinner) we get the full spectrum of nutrients veg have to offer.

The intact fibre in raw veg also helps prevent energy crashes as well as maximising nutrient absorption. Our digestion is slowed by the fibre so our blood sugar is stabilised for 4-6 hours. This should bring us right past that energy slump in the middle of the afternoon.

Including raw vegetables for lunch can be as simple as a hearty salad, baby carrots, or crudité.

Start adding raw vegetables to your lunch and unleash your afternoon energy.



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