Tasty Tuesday

Here we are, 19 weeks later. It’s time to take a picture and compare it to the one we took at the start! Remember that?

Week 19 is not technically a step as we’ve been doing it all along we are reaffirming what we’re doing, it’s an open-ended goal and our last action.

We portioned lunch and dinner, our breakfast should be big enough to make it to lunch. This might be yoghurt, salmon or 6 eggs, it depends on our size and demands. Healthy fats and proteins are the priority.

How hungry you get between breakfast and lunch is a function of how good of a fat burner you are.

  • Efficient = No problem. We’ll will access your fat stores.
  • Carb-aholic = We will have a lot of problems. We lack the metabolic machinery to burn glucose and body fat. This step is going to be hard for you.

There is a choice: DO IT OR QUIT.

We are effectively turning into 1/2 a diesel engine and 1/2 a petrol engine.

Being a little bit hungry during the day is okay! Eating at 6:30am. By 10:30, we’ll be hungry; lunch could be at 11. Being hungry encourages your body to look within for energy. If you are a good fat burner, that is what your body will use. If you insist on staying a carb-aholic, then yeah, you’re a slave to your diet.

After putting all these steps we will have our own solid nutrition. IT’S HARD WORK AND DEMANDS CONSISTENCY.

Step 11: Drink 1.5/2 L of H20
Step 2: Eat a Big breakfast of protein and fat
Step 13: 1-2 fist-sized portions of vegetables with lunch.
Step 17: 2/1 palm size portions of animal protein with lunch.
Step 15: 2-4/1-2 thumb size portions of a healthy fat with lunch.
Step 18: 2-3/1-2 cupped handfuls of starch with lunch.
Step 12: 1-2 fist-sized portions of vegetables with dinner.
Step 6: 1+ (2max) palm sized portions of animal protein with dinner.
Step 16: 2-3/1-2 cupped handfuls of starch with dinner.



Supplements Saturday

If you’re only joining us for this post. Bear in mind this has build on 18 weeks of posts, 2 a week…that’s 35 other posts. If you want more info or wonder what’s going on, go back to the start and get stuck in!

Following your nutritional and lifestyle steps is the best thing you can do for pre- and post workout;

-Quality meals
-Quality sleep

The basics are basic because they’re non-negotiable, you have to get them right to be successful. At this point supplements are a distraction. Your focus should be on nailing these steps and building a solid foundation…remember a pyramid is only as tall as it it’s base is wide.

Supplements will add a few % to your peformance but our steps are easier and cheaper and will get you 90% of the way there. I’d rather work at getting 90% than work at getting 10%. Supplementation at the moment then should looks like this; fill your plates with as many nutrient dense foods as possible, follow the steps and ensure you’re meeting the lifestyle pieces by getting your sleep and hydration goals.


There is no supplement that can match a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

If you feel like you need a workout supplement because you are low on energy, it is time to take a step back and evaluate your consistency with the nutrition steps. Take it back to the basics. How’s your daily water intake? Look at your sleep quality. What about your meals at this stage in the process? If you feel like you “need” more, it’s probably because you’re missing a step or getting lax somewhere along the way.