Fun Fact Friday – bit of a brain dump today…

You can be strong and slow but being strong doesn’t make you slow. Being slow makes you slow, being strong can also make you fast. Am I making sense yet?

Feel free to mention this to any endurance athlete who is scared of getting stronger incase it slows them down.

Anyway, a few Friday’s ago we talked about there being 10 fitness domains. We’re going to continue to explore these. This week is;

3. Strength – The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We don’t run a strength biased program at CrossFit Ballymena. What does that mean?! It means our workouts don’t look like this.

Warm up: blah
Strength: 5 sets of Blah for 8 blahs
WOD:  3 RFT of Blah, blah and blah
Cool down: More blah

If more days a week look like that than anything else, you have a strength biased program. I’m not saying it’s wrong because it’s not, it’s just not what we do!

The reason we don’t is hard to explain briefly and to potentially quote Winston Churchill ‘I don’t have time to be brief’. Check out this PDF which explains it far better than I could.





Technique Thursday – playing the piano is like playing the game of life

Ray Charles – When playing the piano, all the notes are under your fingers, you just have to take the time to play the right ones.

Thanks to the Internet, we are living in an age when the training methods of the best athletes and coaches on the planet are at our fingertips. While it’s nearly miraculous that you can log on and find a 5km training program used by Kenyan runners or some secret Russian squat program to follow it is akin to reading about how to race a Formula One car without really knowing how to negotiate the first turn at 120mph. You can do it but the chances are you are going to end up in the weeds or worse. – Extract from Free+Style by Carl Paoli

In life we all have the tools at our disposal we just have to use them in the right way.

I’ve written about 10 paragraphs trying to summarise this post and have had to delete them all because they all kind of meandered into nothing. I’ll finish with this. BE SMART. UNDERSTAND your current level, ACCEPT your current level and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.



Watch Wednesday

Everyone, meet George Buckely! Last week we sat down for a chat and he really gives some great insights into learning new things which is fascinating coming from a teacher in his 50s. We also talk class structure and why you should think twice about joining a gym :O

If you found this interesting and want to see the full interview it’s here at

PS apologies for the poor sound, this is my first time doing an interview and the mike was too far away 😦


Tasty Tuesday – Even more for lunch?

We’re just past halfway, this is the last week of adding food types to our diet. After this week we’re going to be talking quantities.

By now we should have a decent idea of how Tasty Tuesday’s are rolling. Each week for 19 weeks there is a cumulative challenge. The idea is that at no point should you think ‘I can’t do that’ because each step in itself is super simple and shouldn’t impact too much on your routine but all of them added together will create an incredibly simple and sustainable lifestyle that fuels you in a truly efficient and healthy manner. Every Saturday there is a paired article putting more emphasis on the science behind our method. Long term success comes down to two things; manageable steps which are easy to create habits and then the most important part is understanding of why those steps are there.

We are now in week Ten so each day here is what we will do.

Step 1: 1L of water per day.
Step 2: Adding a healthy fat to breakfast.
Step 3: Eat a vegetable with dinner.
Step 4: Eat a vegetable with lunch.
Step 5: Protein with breakfast
Step 6: Protein with dinner
Step 7: Protein with lunch
Step 8: Starch with dinner
Step 9: Fat with lunch
Step 10: Starch with lunch

It’s lunch time.

We have added a raw vegetable, protein and fat, and now we’re adding a starch to make lunch a complete meal.

If you’re stuck you can use some fruit (one or two pieces) for carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, rice and squash are all great starches to use!

Your bodies most efficient fuel source is carbohydrate, this means that when they’re present in the body they get used first. Therefore eating a meal with carbs before working out gives you energy for that session.

Carbs are also a very current energy source so along with everything else we have already put in place for lunch we have energy to get us well through the day with no dips.


Starches have lower nutritional content than veggies, this is true of pretty much everything. Potato is a starch and doesn’t count as a vegetable in this sense, they are good a good for you. Adding controlled amounts of carbs to your lunch and dinner optimises health, especially your mental health, but also makes nutrition enjoyable.