Feet week – Tuesday

Lets start getting those feet to work and MOVE.

Bonus material…

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Bunions and footwear choices

You’ll often hear ‘bunions are genetic’ ie mothers and grandmothers had them. This means they’re common in your family but they’re not genetic. When you shove your foot into a pointed shoe, especially hen there is a heel on that shoe that forces your toes into the tip of the shoe, the front of your foot starts to look like the shoe.

The pointed toe of many shoes causes the big toe to get pushed towards the others and overtime creates a bigger and bigger angle which then kicks out your first metatarsal (toe bone).

Multiply this over decades and voila, you have yourself a nice sexy bunion and your big toe angles inwards permanently. Many people will get these bunions surgically corrected but until you make some serious changes in your footwear they are guaranteed to return. Wearing heels once in a while is fine but make sure your daily footwear lets your foot splay naturally. Better footwear = better feet.